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Pain in the Lower Leg

Calf Pain

The main two muscles of the calf are the soleus and gastrocnemius, and can cause tremendous pain when strained. They have to deal with tremendous loads as bodyweight is amplified during walking, running and jumping. Occasionly the achilles tendon can rupture with an audible crack requiring surgical repair. Stretching and deep soft tissue treament can help treat strained calf muscles and achilles tendonitis.

Anterior Shin Pain

Shin splints is the term used for inflammation caused by traction of the periosteal covering of the inner shin. This is caused by repetitive action, such as running, that pulls on the periosteum of the bone. This can become very sore and painful. Treating tibialis anterior can help reduce the tension on the periosteum and used in conjunction with drainage techniques, help the injury to heal.

Referred Pain and Biomechanical Dysfunction

Pain in the leg can be referred from the lumbar spine or caused through biomechanical chains. A dysfunction of the fibula head can feel like calf pain, or can cause stress on the interosseous membrane causing pain that feels like shin pain. In addition dysfunction at the ankle may be the primary cause with calf muscles under strain to compensate with the altered biomechanics.

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