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Wrist and Hand Pain

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a common problem at the wrist, with the median nerve becoming trapped under the flexor retinaculum when it becomes inflamed. This condition is common in keyboard users, and sufferers often wake at night with pain in the hand that they shake off. This can be improved by drainage techniques and stretching of the flexor retinaculum, helping to avoid surgery of the wrist. The median nerve can also become entrapped between the two heads of pronator teres which also responds well to osteopathic treatment.

Displacement of the carpal bones can also cause pain in the wrist. They slide against one another to provide the intricate movements of the wrist and hand. They are usually displaced towards the back of the hand and restricting the sliding motions of the joints of the hand. This may contribute to other problems such as tennis elbow, as the body tries to compensate. Articulation and manipulation can help restore the position of the carpals and the function of the wrist.

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