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Neck Pain

The neck is complex and pain can easily be caused by dysfunction of the muscles or vertebrae in the neck. Poor posture often causes the neck muscles to overwork becoming painful with the build up of by-products from constant contraction. Vertebrae can then become restricted, and the range of motion of the neck is limited. The neck becomes painful, and can refer pain into the arm, forearm and even the fingers.

This is because the nerves that supply the arm orginate in the neck, and follow a convoluted path between the vertebrae, through the muscles of the neck, under the collar bone and muscles of the chest into the arm. The nerves can become compressed at many sites causing the referred pain into the arm and is commonly referred to as a 'trapped nerve' or 'nerve entrapment.'

Osteopathic treatment involves articulation, mobilisation and soft tissue manipulation to restore mobility to the neck, relax the muscles and help flush the area of toxins. Lymph drainage will also be improved. Posture and mobility exercises can help prevent the condition returning.

See our page on arm pain for more information on how neck dysfunction can refer pain into the arm.

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