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Hip Joint

The hip is a very strong joint due to the depth of the cup and strong ligamentous attatchments, reducing the risk of injury. The joint is, however, a major weightbearing joint and is a common site for osteoarthritis. Pain in the hip can be referred from the lumbar spine or the sacroiliac joint. The hip itself can also refer pain to the back or even to the knee. Pain and inflammation to the hip can be relieved by Osteopathy. In cases such as arthritis where there is permanent damage to the joint surfaces, Osteopathy can help retain as much mobility as is possible and reduce the strain on the joint by ensuring that other joints (e.g. ankle and knee) are also functioning optimally.


There are many powerful muscles around the hip that can can cause pain due to strain, overuse, or from other biomechanical dysfunction. Groin strain for example is due to pulled adductor muscles. The psoas muscle contains the lumbar nerve plexus and this can become very painful if hypertonic. The sciatic nerve runs close to or even through the piriformis muscle, and this can cause pain down the back of the leg. The iliotibial band, a large ligamentous structure, runs over the greater troachanter and can become very contracted and painful. In addition, it may cause inflammation of the bursa (a synovial fluid filled sac) over the greater trochanter. Osteopathic treatment is very effective in treating the musculature of the hip as there are a broad range of techniques that can be applied to muscles that are inaccessible to other manual techniques.

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